All You Need to Know About Kitchens

All You Need to Know About Kitchens

  • November 01, 2020

Kitchen is probably the most important room in a house. It is the very center of everyone's day-to-day living. The most fond memories of our lives are made around this place. It is the very space where family, friends and loved ones assemble on any occasion.


Whenever we hear the word 'kitchen', visions of mouth-watering dishes start coming in front of our eyes. But a kitchen is not just confined to cooking. It has a lot more to offer. They don't call this place the 'heart' of the home for no reason.


Now, because the kitchen is the most important area of your home, it requires a lot. It requires attention to every little detail, especially the design. The design of your kitchen is the only thing that someone notices at first. This creates the very first impression on the viewer's mind. Whether the look of your kitchen will leave the guests in awe or provide a chance to gossip about it, is completely upto you. So, if you want the first thing to happen to you and also want your kitchen to look the best, look up some really good modular kitchen manufacturers in Delhi NCR and give your kitchen the ultimate makeover.


Getting a kitchen makeover is something that we all want. But without having any knowledge regarding this can lead to a disastrous result. Knowing what you can actually do to your place makes the process way easier. Here are some factors  just for you, so that you can have the overall idea about how you want your kitchen to look.

Types of Kitchen and the Benefits You Can Get from Them

There are several different types of kitchen layouts that can be found, but the interior designers have narrowed them down to six basic types. Here's what you need to know.

L-shaped Kitchen Layout —

The L-shaped kitchens are the most common types of kitchens that are found. They are absolutely perfect for houses with small space. These Kitchens allow more storage space. They only require two walls and also allow a lot more floor space. These Kitchens are easily capable of flowing into the living room areas and providing a seamless look.

U-shaped Kitchen Layout —

This particular type of kitchen provides a larger workspace which makes it more efficient. The storage space is also a lot more as compared to the other kinds. Several upper as well as lower cabinets make the workspace more convenient. They allow more counter space and the best part about these kitchens is that more than one person can work in them at the same time.

Straight Kitchens —

With absolutely no corner or triangular positions, these kitchens are fun to work in. They allow a straight workflow as compared to other types of kitchens. These Kitchens are ideal for studio apartments. They require minimal floor space which makes everything super efficient.

Island Kitchens—

Having an island kitchen in the house is what everyone dreams of. This super fun, beautiful and contemporary kitchen layout consists of a combination of an L-shaped kitchen with an unconnected Island space. The island area can be used as a bar or a breakfast space, according to the homeowner's choices. Adding two bar stools to the island area will allow some entertainment too. Plus, having two working areas will seem more convenient.

G-shaped Kitchen or Peninsula Layout —

This kitchen layout is somewhat similar to that of the island kitchen. They have more free standing space and a secondary counter. Unlike the Island kitchens, the peninsula Kitchens are connected to the main workspace or the living room area of the house. They are ideal for homes with small kitchen space. These Kitchens provide the similar feel of an island kitchen but with less floor space.

Parallel Kitchen Layout —

This is by far the most effective and efficient kitchen layout that one can look for. These Kitchens have two long counters that face each other. Both can be used as wet and dry workspaces. There's a lot of space for storage and much room for movement. These are suitable for most houses.

Now that you are aware of the basics, take time to carefully look at your floor plan and go for what suits you best.