Design your kitchen beautiful inside and out with the hottest kitchen trends

Design your kitchen beautiful inside and out with the hottest kitchen trends

  • June 25, 2020

Whether you want to give a new look to your existing kitchen design or rebuild a totally new kitchen from the scratch, you must know the different elements that come together to make a beautiful and effectively functional kitchen. These elements include layout design, cabinets, worktops, appliances, tiles, and so on.

But what are the hottest trends in the world of modular kitchen layouts that you can use to beautify the heart of your house?

The year 2020 is the time when utility, aesthetic and next-generation technology come together to make our everyday life a bit easier make the home a happy place for each of the family members.

Regardless of trends, when it comes to modular kitchen design, people still set forth with the same accepted wisdom:

  • An efficient and comfortable workspace that looks decent and is good to prepare your meals
  • Enough storage is the major part of modular kitchen
  • The use of technology at your fingertips

So on this note, we have tried to cover some of the emerging modular kitchen trends for 2020 to give you the ideas that you can discuss with the modular kitchen manufacturers in Noida, when you start building your dream kitchen.

Designing your dream kitchen begins here.

Monochromatic color scheme

Monochromatic color schemes are gaining new hype among the majority of house owners. It is simply because of the fact that this color scheme offers a lustrous and sophisticated design to complement a modern studio apartment or can be seamlessly integrated into a conventional kitchen where you can enjoy quality family time.

Concrete still rules

Concrete finish undoubtedly comes with numerous layout benefits for the kitchen space. It can be used for creating robust and hard-wearing worktops.

What’s more, concrete effect laminates with matching door finish will add a new oomph factor to your kitchen.

Open storage ideas for smaller-size kitchens

If you have a smaller-sizer kitchen, open storage concept will work the best for you.

In a minimalist kitchen space, you can effectively make use of the open shelves concept so as to exhibit your finest purchases without creating any chaos and it can be adorned with anything from flowers to glassware.

Embellished worktops

Thanks to easiness and resilience, porcelain worktop surfaces are all set to create more sensation in 2020.

Porcelain surfaces are relatively not very heavy, but available in different thickness level. This means you can use it for wall cladding and embellished surfaces allowing the perfect fusion of spaces in homes.

Seamless incorporation of kitchen larders

For those who don’t have any idea about the concept of a kitchen larder, it is a pull out sliding worktop that you can use for meal prepping.

Indeed it is often the most appropriate place where you can simply store eggs, certain types of vegetables and apparently some herbs and spices that are quite handy to grab during the meal prepping.

Natural tones will add a style statement

This year is considered to be the reemergence of natural textures, where wood components are not kept in the raw state; thereby adding more detail, delineation and appeal to a space.

For instance, the use of natural oakwood for making drawer boxes and granite stone for worktops. The soothing neutral color tones will be more appealing and add a new style statement to your kitchen space.

The kitchen island dinner counter

The new trend that is making a new waves in the modular kitchen style industry is the kitchen island dinner counter.

These days, people are looking forward to have a luxurious space in their homes where they can spend quality time together while cooking and dining. The best way to do is to have dinner counter in your kitchen itself, right?

Built-in kitchen appliances

With a thumbs up to ease and usefulness, there have been multiple searches made by people for modular style kitchen layouts with built-in kitchen appliances over the last one year as per the latest google trends.

This clearly means that people are increasingly looking forward to seek the assistance of modular kitchen manufacturers in Noida who can help them seamlessly fit appliances that are easy to maintain and require minimal maintenance.

Wrapping up

That’s the conclusion of our list. If you wish to know more about the different ways to beautify your kitchen, please get in touch with our consultants.