What goes into making a perfect L shaped wardrobe?

What goes into making a perfect L shaped wardrobe?

  • September 28, 2020

Can we ever have enough storage space in our bedrooms? Well, most of you will agree with us – No. The best way to grab optimal storage space in your bedroom is to design tailored wardrobes that spread out from one wall to another and flooring to ceiling.

Customizable wardrobes also offer ease and value for money, as every bit of available space is efficiently used without compromising on quality and storage area.

We have tried to compile a list of the principal factors that play a significant role in creating a classic and customizable L-shaped wardrobe.

The materials:

One of the most significant factors is the material you decide to use to build the inner and outer part of the closet. The frame is usually made of plywood with laminate fitted on one side of the wardrobe and the finish on the external surface.

Some of the most popular finishes among the homeowners are high gloss or matte laminate, membrane, PU and acrylic. The price range of these finishes varies depending on the type you prefer.

For example, if you prefer to go with MDF as the base material, instead of plywood, then it will be a medium cost. But, MDF is not durable and will not last for long. On the other hand, plywood will be a bit expensive choice for you, but it will last for years to come.

The doors:

The more intricate the design of the wardrobe doors, the more expensive a deal it will be for you. If you decide to go with conventional-styled louvred doors, the overall labour cost will increase. You may feel like the plain door is not very unusual. Furthermore, you can think of adding a fitted mirror on the outer side of the door. Irrespective of the price factor, many homeowners like to go with the fitted mirrors on wardrobe doors because they aesthetically improve the look and feel of the space in a small bedroom.

Wardrobes with sliding doors are more popular among the homeowners as they give a compact and trendy look. Sliding doors are more suitable for rooms where space is the main restriction. With this type of doors, you do not need much space to open the doors. While the hinged door wardrobes usually open on the front side and work great with the large space bedrooms.


Shelves and Drawers

Storage drawers are yet another significant factor that you need to address while designing an L-shaped wardrobe. You can add durable channels and soft closing fixtures. Besides, open shelves are also a great option at a fraction of the cost. If you want a wardrobe to arrange your clothes on hangers, then you can have a large space with some hanging rods.

Wardrobe accessories

Lastly, there are some different types of accessories that you can include in your wardrobe to make it more functional and storage convenient. If you’re looking to arrange your storage space, there are many accessories that you can add in your wardrobe, such as:

  1. Pull-down hanger rods that you can place at a height you prefer to hang your clothes. These hanger rods will allow you to make most of every bit of available space.
  2. Custom-made racks for storing ties and belts you can install on the side of the wardrobe. It is a convenient way to organize ties and belts with easy accessibility.
  3. Drawer dividers are perfect for organizing small items like socks, handkerchiefs, and earrings and bangles, to name a few.
  4. You can also think about installing lights in your walk-in-wardrobe that will switch on when you will open the door of your wardrobe.
  5. The option for adding accessories in your wardrobe are myriad. You can decide what type of accessories you will like to add in your wardrobe depending on your budget.


We hope you get a good idea of the main factors that you need to consider while designing your L-shaped wardrobe. If you want to design a highly functional and durable wardrobe, then never compromise on quality over budget. It is definitely a one-time investment that will last for years to come. We, at SK Associates, are just a phone call away!