The best cabinet shutters for your modular kitchen

The best cabinet shutters for your modular kitchen

  • September 28, 2020

The concept of modular kitchens has been around for quite some, and homeowners in India are increasingly getting attracted to the high functionality and neat design of these kitchens. And why won’t they be? After all, the aesthetic appeal and efficacy is hard to beat. Cooking in a modular kitchen is just like a dream come true for many, as everything is systematically incorporated and organized.

A perfect modular kitchen mainly comprises of different types of cabinets that are factory-ready and put together at the site. If anytime soon you decide to move, you can easily uninstall and re-install these cabinets. It is one of the great benefits of getting the modular system installed in your kitchen.

The carcass is used to design each cabinet, which includes an inner box made from a single material such as marine plywood and an external shutter. The material that you see on the external side of your cabinet is an external shutter. The material and finish that you choose to go will actually tell how your modular kitchen will look like.

What are the different types of cabinet shutters used by the modular kitchen manufacturers in Delhi NCR?

Cabinet shutters are usually made from different types of material that are available in a variety of colours, textures, and even varnishes.

Here are some of the most commonly used cabinet shutters that you can include in your modular kitchen designs.


Perhaps the most popular varnish used while designing cabinet shutters, laminates are applied on an MDF or plywood material, and to seal the edges securely PVC tapes, aluminium or wood moldings are used.

Laminates usually available in incredible colours. Plus, you can also go with natural tone varnishes that exactly look like wood, stone, metal, and brick. Whether you want to go with high gloss, gloss, matte or surfaced varnishes that are ridged or spotted, laminates are the great option for modern kitchen design as they are moisture-proof and can even endure high temperatures.


If you want to give your kitchen a spectacular appearance, acrylic finishes give it a plush touch with its shiny finish. However, glossy finish makes the fingerprint, dirt and stains more noticeable, and you will have to regularly clean your cabinets to keep them spotless.


Are you looking for a durable yet sophisticated kitchen design? If yes, then you must consider going with membrane finish. It is long-lasting and relatively simple to maintain. You only need to clean it with a wet cloth, and you are all done.

Basically, PVC membrane is a thin foil sheet that is used to cover the plywood or MDF boards. It comes with a smooth finish, and as the membrane runs seamlessly over carvings and grooves. This finish will give your kitchen a modern look and feel but are a bit expensive than the laminate finish.


Veneers are thin pieces of natural wood that are hard-pressed on plywood or MDF base. This variant of the finish gives a look and feel of wood, and can be polished to give the appearance of real wood. The modular kitchen manufacturers in Delhi NCR have a variety of shades and patterns from which you can choose as per your taste and preference. The stunning wood grains give a country look to your kitchen.

Solid Wood

Solid wood finishes have an incomparable appeal. The cabinet shutter is made entirely from wood, and the external surface is varnished with the use of water-resistant resin. The resin is used to give a protective barrier to the shutter while furnishing the solid wood a luxurious look. These days, recycled wood is often considered by many homeowners who want to go with environmentally-friendly option.

Glossy PU Paint finish

Glossy PU Paint finish gives a water-resistant and transparent coating to the MDF or plyboards. This variant of finish is available in several bright and lustrous shades. It will last for years to come. The surface of your cabinet shutter will give a shiny look, which means fingerprint marks will appear and you will have to clean it regularly.

Wrapping up

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen anytime soon? Would you like help in choosing the perfect cabinet shutters for your modular kitchen? Please connect with the modular kitchen manufacturers in Delhi NCR and design your dream kitchen.