Is modular kitchen design L shape really better than the carpenter-made kitchen?

Is modular kitchen design L shape really better than the carpenter-made kitchen?

  • August 26, 2020

Are you lately thinking about refurbishing your kitchen? Are you finding it difficult to decide whether to take a conventional route and seek the assistance of a carpenter or hire an expert for designing a fully-functional modular kitchen?

It’s not easy to decide, given the fact that carpenters have always been approached by people for decades, but modular designs furnish you with an exquisitely designed and highly functional kitchen.

Here’s our take on modular kitchen design L shape vs carpenter-made kitchens review. We hope this gives you better insight that you are searching for.

What is an L-shaped modular kitchen design?

An L-shaped modular kitchen mainly comprises of factory-made cabinets and fittings that can be seamlessly integrated to match the measurements of your kitchen space. These cabinets are tailor-made and available in uniform dimensions. The wood cabinets are factory-made and delivered to the site and then fixed.

What is a carpenter-made kitchen design?

A carpenter-made kitchen is designed by local carpenters manually. They make use of their ancient conventional techniques of woodworking. These carpenters cut the wood and give a finish to the drawer and often work at the homeowner’s house.

Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits and shortcomings of both modular kitchen design L-shape and carpenter-made kitchens.

Benefits of Modular kitchen design L-shape:

  1. The seamless assembly and design of the modular kitchen gives your home a well-organized look and feel
  2. It is stress-free and simple to combine and recombine the components of modular kitchen and you can move them wherever you move your home
  3. Pre-manufactured wood is used in modular cabinets is often preferred by homeowners because of its durability as compared to a hardwood that is difficult to maintain
  4. Quality is guaranteed by the manufacturers of the modular kitchen, as these products are mass-produced in factories
  5. You will get enough storage space when it comes to designing a modular kitchen. You get custom-made storage with enough space for your kitchen essentials
  6. You don’t have to manage the mess at your home that is created due to carpenter cutting the wood at your home. Since everything is made in the industrial unit and only installed at the site
  7. Cost remains true to estimation, provided there are no considerable modifications to design

Shortcomings of the modular kitchen design

  1. Designing a modular kitchen might be a bit expensive, but the quality will never be compromised
  2. There are chances you may not like the layout in the design book. When your designer gives you an exact representation of the real design, you will like the kitchen layout.

Benefits of carpenter-made kitchen designs

  1. It is an old technique for constructing a kitchen. Hence, this is a more applicable technique as carpenters are locally accessible and easy to reach out
  2. It is simple to make desired changes in the budget because these carpenters are relatively easy-going when it comes to the overall pricing
  3. You can request for customized options or modifications since carpenters will be ready to do all the work under your supervision

Shortcomings of carpenter-made kitchen:

  1. You will always have concerns when it comes to the overall quality and finish of woodworking done by carpenters. As everything is done by hand so there are chances you won’t get exact dimensions and even finish.
  2. The carpenter usually designs cabinets that will be installed permanently. So you cannot disassemble the cabinets. Therefore, whenever you plan to relocate, you will not be able to take the cabinets along with you.
  3. Costs can vary a lot when you are working with carpenters
  4. 3 D design kitchens aren’t possible when you are getting the kitchen designed with the help of carpenters

Concluding thought

We hope this will help you to make a well-read decision when it comes to taking the right course to renovate your kitchen.

While modular kitchen design L shape is becoming more popular among the house owners simply because of the advantages they offer. If you don’t have enough time to supervise carpenter and deal with the mess created during the woodworking, then you must consider going with the modular designs for your L-shaped kitchen.