Five Things You Must Do While Decorating Your Apartment

Five Things You Must Do While Decorating Your Apartment

  • December 03, 2020

Home, be it a traditional house or a modern day apartment, is a place where we get to be ourselves, without worrying about anything at all. It is an irreplaceable space that we have only for us and of course, our families. When we are at home, we are surrounded by a loving, cosy charm that keeps telling us that we are protected, safe and also makes our living experience worthwhile. To retain this very homely charm, we, from time to time, go through several different decor and even  furniture changes, just to add that extra oomph to our homes and in the process, we often find ourselves confused and stressed. Although, the entire home-decoration thing sounds very difficult, but, with proper planning, right balance and quality choices, we can actually make our home look aesthetically more appealing.


So, here are some really amazing ideas for you that you must follow for giving your home a head-turning makeover. Here they go —

Find Out Decor Areas with More Precision

This step is probably the most important one, because if you don't choose the areas wisely which you want to look different,  it may actually bring down the entire look of your place. Lack of space and imbalance between the objects can take down the whole aesthetic look. Therefore, getting rid of this imbalance and placing right things in the right place is the key. For example, place the shoe/coat holder by the doorway for more convenience and a more complete look. Have a buffet area between your kitchen and the dining space for extra storage and serving space. But, if you have an L-shaped kitchen then you can skip this particular spacing because you won't need it in this case. Just look for modular kitchen design L shape on the internet and you will figure it out yourself.

Multipurpose Furniture for Convenience

Buy furniture that makes you work less and rather works with you. Like, having a folding sofa cum bed in the living room is always way more convenient than having a regular sofa or a couch. It can be turned into a bed if need arises. Similarly, a dining table with a built in leaf can save you a lot of room. It can even be placed in your modular kitchen design L shape for that matter. As the table will be folded, you can adjust it as per your comfort.

Go for Vertical Storage Space

Going for tall, narrow, vertical storage spaces is always a better idea than going for horizontal ones. This is the best way you can make use of more space. For example, get your hands on two identical bookshelves and place them side by side. This way, they will look like a big built-in bookshelf. Keep them in the doorway, and you'll be good to go. Likewise, go for an entertainment center which starts from the floor and goes all the way up to the ceiling.

Say Yes to a Lighter Colour Palette

Now, this may vary from person to person. Even if you do not like to go for lighter colours, I would suggest that keeping one or two walls in darker accents is sufficient. Only reason why you should opt for lighter colours like soft and warm toned beige, warm yellow etc. is because these colours do not make the space look clumsy and small, and rather give a body to it, making the room look a lot bigger. This idea is not only for walls, but for curtains as well. Although it is absolutely fine to have rich, heavy drapes hung everywhere in your apartment, going for lighter colours, and especially, contrast colours is a total win win!

The Placement of the Bed is Vital

Your bedroom shows who you are. It allows others to get an overall impression of how you like to live. That's why keeping the bedroom up to the top is very important. For example, always keep your statement bed against the accent wall and not the sidewalls. Hang your favourite pictures on the accent wall and decorate them with string or chain lights. To make your room look more chic, refrain from placing string lights and add pendant lights. 


Also, do not forget to declutter your apartment regularly!