How to use the corner storage space effectively in your L-shaped modular kitchen?

How to use the corner storage space effectively in your L-shaped modular kitchen?

  • August 26, 2020

Is your corner cabinet not easy to access, or perhaps you aren’t sure how to effectively utilize the corner space in your L-shaped modular kitchen?

In every kitchen design, you will always end up with a corner space that is either not correctly used or just an untouched space. The corner space undoubtedly offers you a lot more storage space, but it can be quite challenging for you to effectively utilize the space due to restricted access and visibility.

Here are some top tips that you can incorporate in your modular kitchen to create well-organized storage space.

The invisible corners

These cabinets are four-sided in shape and come with only one door. They give you limited accessibility with a sliding-out door. Some people like to close the backside absolutely to install additional shelves and drawers with pull-out doors.

You can consider installing the kidney-shaped trays as they will give you complete access to the stored items and are becoming more popular among the homeowners with L-shaped modular kitchen. While other types of pull-out cabinets mainly include the turntable corners.

In case, you already have an invisible corner cabinet with issues of inaccessibility, moving corner cabinets can be integrated provided you have enough space to open them without any problem.

However, do check the dimensions and speak to the modular kitchen manufacturers regarding your concerns of corner space proper utilization. They will help you make the most of your available corner space more effectively.

Overhead corner cabinets

The integration of overhead corner cabinets will allow you to store your crockery and any other thing of your choice effortlessly. You can install a double-sided cabinet with glass doors to create an added space. It’s a great way to put your lovely cutlery, cookery book and other kitchen equipment on display.

Countertop Overhead corners

With the installation of the double-access corner cabinet, you will get good access to the stored items and you won’t even find it difficult to clean. It is a good place to keep the heavy and large appliances that you don’t want to put on an exhibition.

The corner pantry

The corner pantry is the most efficient use of the space. You can even think about creating a corner pantry.  

In your new modular kitchen design, you can integrate a pentagon-shaped pantry cabinet, it gives you decent storage options. If you have sufficient space to easily open pull-out doors, the low shelving and flexible design will allow you to store brushes and other small-size equipment. Else, you can create a small pantry to store your everyday use spices, condiments, pulses and other food items. Creating a corner pantry can be the best option for your L-shaped modular kitchen.

The corner drawer

The corner drawers are considered to be the best option to have in modular kitchen design as it gives the best accessibility. Above all, these drawers are very adjustable when it comes to dimensions and structures.

These types of drawers are a better solution for full makeovers instead of trying to renovate available spaces. However, there are countless options that you can even integrate into your existing cabinets such as the circular shape Lazy Susan double or three storage rack in the corner space. This type of turntable storage rack in the corner space will resolve some access issues.

Important tip: Make sure you check the tray height and think through what all types of kitchen essentials you want to store. If it’s small and lightweight items, it is best to install a tray with short height. Big and weighty things can be easily stored in a tray with 20-90 millimeters height so that things will not fall off when you are rotating the tray.

3-Drawer Cabinets

3-drawer corner cabinet offers ease of access to an otherwise untouched space. Setting up the hardware on both sides of each drawer makes the drawers useful and hassle-free. This corner cabinet choice is good for those who don’t want to bend down to access things from a deep base cabinet.


Wrapping up

Are you facing a challenge to create corner storage in your L-shaped modular kitchen? Get in touch with our expert consultants to create your dream kitchen with easy to access, more functional, and practical corner storage space.