Carpenter v/s modular kitchen manufacturer: Which is better for you?

Carpenter v/s modular kitchen manufacturer: Which is better for you?

  • May 20, 2021

When you think of renovating or designing your kitchen, you end up thinking between modular kitchen and carpenter made kitchen. You think both of them are good. But, it might be good and might not be depending on the size of the kitchen and design that is already in place. A Carpenter made kitchen is more traditional and in a modular kitchen setup there are many options like L-shaped kitchen design, gallery kitchen layout and more. The choice is yours to make but before doing that and deciding with one option, it is better to weigh the pros and cons and know about them at length. Through this blog, we attempt to help you with the same!


Modular Kitchen
A modular kitchen design seems the best option due to more reasons than one. But the first and foremost reason has to be that it is contemporary.

Pros of Choosing a Modular Kitchen
The modern and sleek construction makes the kitchen look tidy and put up

2.The modules in kitchen design you chose for instance, L shaped kitchen design, all of them can be easily reassembled and disassembled when you want to move to another house

3. The wood used in modular kitchen making is unique and durable. Besides, it is also easy to maintain


4. Whether you choose L shaped kitchen design or any other, the modular kitchen comes factory made and the quality is something that you can be rest assured of


5. Not just that the modular kitchens are highly customisable and give a lot of space to store and set your kitchen and appliances


6. The only thing that needs to be done on site is assembling its parts. Hence, there is no hassle in the house when you get your kitchen done


Cons of Choosing a Modular Kitchen

1. It is true that it won’t be as cheap as carpenter made stuff but there to save the cost you would anyway need to compromise on quality and finishing. However, the good news there are various options and material types that you can explore to choose which fits best in your budget


2. Engineered wood is also not too reliable so you might want to choose marine ply in addition to it if you want to get the best quality


3. You need to ensure that the designer gives you the same design as the one he shows in the picture. It must not vary drastically and remain true to your liking


Carpenter-Made Kitchen

Carpenters are the other option to get the kitchen layout done from. But are you aware of all the sides that it brings with it? Let’s see.


Pros of Choosing a Carpenter Made kitchen
When you think of going with this traditional style it gets easy to pick one as they can be sourced locally

2. Carpenter made kitchen gives you the option to alter the design and make a kitchen that suits your budget

3. They are open to customisations mostly anytime and everytime when in making


Cons of Choosing a Carpenter Made Kitchen

Seeing the fact that they are built from scratch from someone who isn’t really aware of aesthetics and design appeal, you would end up compromising on the look

2. The smooth and best finish that modular kitchen provides, this won’t

3. This is fixed and cannot be shifted when you move to another house. It can be just deconstructed to renovate the space but not used again

4. The cost would vary and nothing would be fixed. The carpenter can change any amount. You would never know if that was viable

5. Expecting carpenters to make something that is in fashion can be a strugglesome.

Edge banding and smooth finish is also something that a carpenter cannot deliver.


Which one to choose?
If you are looking for a flexible, efficient, design friendly and easy to maintain kitchen, you should choose a modular kitchen.
For more details on which modular setup like l shaped kitchen design to choose and see if that fits your budget, you should get in touch with modular kitchen manufacturers. May you make the best decision for your kitchen!