Get the storage space you need with L shaped Wardrobe

Get the storage space you need with L shaped Wardrobe

  • April 12, 2021

Storage and space is a combination that is hard to find be it phone, house or anything in life! Coming the the specific thing that we are going to talk about in this blog- the house and to be even more specific- the kitchen just like your wardrobe. How you think that you always need a bigger wardrobe to keep your clothes.The items you need to store seem always more and too much space consuming until you get the right wardrobe design. Yes. L shaped wardrobe is one of the most popular and ideal wardrobe design that can solve all your worries. It is one wardrobe that won;t just fit your clothes all well, but also give you ample space to organise your accessories and match up your standards.

When were wardrobes invented?
The word appeared for the first time in EInglish Language in the 14th century. It is made from the word ‘warderobe’ used in French or ‘wardereube’, ‘garderobe’. The first word means to keep and robe connotes garment!

 The Past
In earlier times, mostly the wardrobes were treated as a place to store clothes only. They were also known as ‘armoire’ and were never considered a luxury piece. It was only after the people in palaces started using them that they became luxe.

 The Present
In present times, a wardrobe is given a lot more importance than previously. IN india earlier, the space was mounted n the wall itself to keep clothes. Now, the clothes are stored in a much more organised way and a wardrobe is selected to match the ambiance of the room and person. 

Different Types of Wardrobes To Consider

 There are four major types of wardrobes that are the pen wardrobes, the walk in wardrobes and the free standing wardrobe and also the l shaped wardrobe. All four of them have different benefits. Let’s explore and we will give our verdict about these in the end!

The open wardrobe has hinges and safe lock system. Space is never a problem but searching clothes as and when you need can get a bit trick in this.

In this wardrobe, you can take a walk, it’s like dedicating a room to keep your clothes , shoes and accessories. But for this would you really want to let go a room of your house, especially when it is a compact one.

The free standing wardrobe is also a luxury. This is a traditional and classic way to store clothes. They are not attached to the wall and can be easily ported to any place. But these are not expandable and also you will fell like they don’t have ample space quickly! 

The L-shaped wardrobe
This wardrobe design is the winner for us. This can accommodate all you want or expect it to. Let us show you why we are voting for this l shaped wardrobe design. Read along!

1. Amazing Look!
This wardrobe type gives you the freedom you always wanted. You can flaunt your clothes and arrange everything nicely while keeping everything accessible. The customisation can be done to how th ewardrobe looks from the outside.
2. Trendy and flexible!
These wardrobes have space for everything wearable you can imagine to buy. SO, you can shop worry free to get an extension or separate space made for the feature. It will all be perfect.
3, Extremely spacious!
The l shaped wardrobe will never let you feel dearth of space and we mean it! You can have dilemma with outhes wardrobes of if they would even fit everything you have byt not with this kind of wardrobe at all.
4. Highly valuable!
When you are looking for something that is value for money then this wardrobe is the one. It will have better interiors and you will surely never regret spending your money on getting this wardrobe done. With others you mifgght need to think on phter parameters and this one but not with L shaped wardrobe.

This type of wardrobe can do magic to the way you manage your wardrobe and the place where you keep it. The definition it will add to the look of your room would be beyond comparison.