Getting L-shaped modular kitchen design for the first time? Read this…

Getting L-shaped modular kitchen design for the first time? Read this…

  • September 03, 2021

Modular kitchens are quite popular and practical for today’s household. Why? Because life is the other name of hustle and bustle for each family member. Whether it’s the mother, the father or the kids. In the morning, especially on weekdays, everyone is rushing to their work and school. With a modular kitchen the best part is that they get to grab a bite or even make a quick meal for themselves in a shorter time span as everything is at an arm’s length or so.
Out of all the popular design layouts, L-shaped modular kitchen design is the most sought after. As the name suggests, the kitchen countertops are in the shape of the alphabet L. Whether your kitchen is small or large, it would be the perfect pick. Let us walk you through the benefits for your better understanding of the kitchen layout type.

Benefits of L-shaped Kitchen:
1. There are different work zones for water work like washing utensils and different zones for cooking work.

2. You can get smart organisers installed in the kitchen in the L-shaped modular kitchen design

3. It is very suitable for every kitchen size small, medium or large.

4. This is one of the best designs for an open floor plan

5. It is in great alignment with the kitchen work golden triangle

6. The length of sides or benchtops can easily be modified as per your desire


Now let’s look the 5 working zone that L-shaped modular kitchen provides-


  1. Consumable Zone – This zone can be used to store all the consumable products in the kitchen.
  2. Non-Consumable Zone–The other as the name clearly tells is for kitchen items that you can’t consume like cutlery.
  3. Cleaning Zone- This zone is like the utility area where you can clean the utensils and also on the cabinet below it you can keep cleaning materials
  4. Preparation Zone- You can keep all the materials you use to cook the food here.
  5. Cooking Zone­– This area is the one that is right beside the preparation zone and has all the appliances like stove,oven etc that you use to cook food frequently.

So, we are saying…
Choosing any modular kitchen design from the range of options available can be daunting. There are a lot of options to choose from: L-shaped modular kitchen design, gallery, U-shaped, I shaped modular kitchen and many more. One simple advice that we would like to share here is that you should always take into consideration the size of the kitchen and the overall vibe of the house. Letting everyone vote on the shortlisted designs can be helpful. We also suggest you to thereafter read about the questions you should ask your modular kitchen manufacturer. Some of the questions could be how long would it take to install the modular kitchen, are they incorporating golden work triangles in your kitchen or not. Access their answers and then only make a decision. We hope you got value from this blog, if you did, don’t forget to share it with others.