L Shaped Modular Kitchen: Buying Tips You Must Know

L Shaped Modular Kitchen: Buying Tips You Must Know

  • July 31, 2021

L shaped modular kitchens are quite popular. It is so because not only is the l kitchen great in the way it looks but also ends up being highly functional and efficient. It has many advantages when you compare it with the traditional kitchen layouts. L shaped modular kitchen is well planned and has many pros, some of them are as follows-

It helps you in storing a lot of things in a compact space

  • Installing it is like a breeze-easy and quick
  • If you have chosen the right material, it won’t stain, scratch or have finger tips.
  • It is easy to clean
  • L shaped modular kitchen is quite durable and long lasting

So, make sure you choose the best l shaped modular kitchen vendor for getting l shaped kitchen done at your place. How honest and knowledgeable your vendor turns out to be makes a big difference in the quality of your modular kitchen and also the cost.
This is also the reason why you should do enough research on l-shaped modular kitchens. It also saves you from getting befooled and getting overcharged. In this blog, to help you with the same, we share our buying tips. Keep reading.
The first thing before we begin is however the fact that the vendor you are in talks with or get in talks with is able to provide you the kind of and as many customisations as you provide. If not, wouldn’t you be better off with some other vendor?
Material Quality

While the way the material looks matters, what matters even more or equally is its quality. See if the material is waterproof or not. Check if there are open shutters, pull outs and if the plywood is boiling water proof, laminated or not.

Door material
When you are getting everything in place for your kitchen, we also suggest you be double sure of the door used in cabinets. The best according to us is BWR laminated plywood or pre laminated MDF. If you want to know what looks the best, we would say MDF in acrylic finish if you like a glossy look.

Kitchen price
The price of a kitchen is the most painstaking for everyone because we want the best but at a price that is affordable. So decide what you need, explore the avenues and pick where you can compromise on quality a bit or look for an alternative that works for you. It is best to tell your budget and then let the vendor give you the narrowed down options for you.

Kitchen countertop
Most homes do not offer a kitchen countertop and hence you get the advantage and option to customise. However, for your l shaped modular kitchen a solid surface top made of granite or marble paired with lamination and BWP is the best option for you. This way it becomes heat ,stain and scratch resistant. Don’t worry, it will not at all look boring, you would get to choose from a wide variety of specks, swirls and patterns.

Drawer type
L modular kitchen design or any kitchen design for that matter comes with different options in drawer type as well. The most commonly offered ones are regular soft close and premium ones. You can also choose if you want a door for each cabinet or a pull , mix of both.

Kitchen color
Color is anything you love. To keep it in sync and not make it look odd you can stick to a color scheme. You can also search for popular color combinations for l shaped modular kitchens like the combination of blue and white, orange and black and more.

Kitchen height
This matters a lot and needs your attention. To avoid back pain problems, this is important. The designer should be told to keep height as per ergonomic design. THe cabinets, especially the wall ones should be kept in the reach.

Kitchen wall units
These cabinets can be used to store pulses and other kitchen equipment that are not used frequently. Make sure to keep a space above the stove for chimney and not mount a cabinet there as well.

We hope you found the tips helpful and end up making a great l shaped modular kitchen for yourself. Good luck!